Beer Food Kids BMX Skate Music 2019

Millwork District, Dubuque, Iowa


September 21, 2019

What is Bloktoberfest

The fusion of great ideas from the past and future. It cultivates the fun aspects of a traditional German Octoberfest while melding with the positive vibrations of an inner city block party. The world is just a small town, and this is how we get down.

BMX Backflip Bloktoberfest 2018 Dubuque Iowa

Who is benefiting from Bloktoberfest?

Everyone who puts in, that's who. From the large business sponsorships down to the small children, everyone is offered the experiential immersion in this one of kind event. Focused on 1 off activities and alternative modes of entertainment, we aim to build community through unification and collaboration.

zealots band dance

What are we excited about in year 2?

Year one generated a creative force with a lot of variables. The chaotic energy was manipulated and strucutred just in time to pull off a last minute banger. Catharsis was an understatment. This year's goal is to dial in the logistics, round out the sharp corners, and evolve as a whole. Year one was learning to trust our gut instinct; year two is verifying we have what it takes to sustain such a monstrous event.

craft beer bloktoberfest 2019

Are you interested in volunteering at Bloktoberfest? Please email us at so we can get you on board.